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My Services

$18 USD  - Customized step-by-step homework note sheet for up to 3 math problems, in a PDF format.

Add $5 USD to expedite delivery. 

$25 USD - Customized video including a step-by-step note sheet for up to 3 math problems.

Add $5 USD to expedite delivery.

$85 USD - Zoom tutoring session, up to 60 minutes on the specific math problems and concepts you request. 

Group rates may be available. 


About Me

My goal is to provide Math-Support as affordably and as quickly as possible. I strongly and passionately believe that “Brains Learn” (Howard Gardner, Noam Chomsky)! If students are presented with good instruction at the appropriate developmental stages, then their brains will learn. This philosophy has driven my teaching methods for the past fourteen years leading to very high success rates!

  • LOVES explaining math concepts to ALL learners !!!!

  • Masters in Math Education 5-12, 2017

  • Taught Pre Algebra through Dual-Credit Calculus I

  • Certified 6-12 Math Teacher

  • Taught Dual-Credit College Algebra, Trig and Calculus I courses

  • Extensive experience with students on IEPs

  • BA Psychology, 1991

  • Owned a Mental/Behavioral Health Agency before switching to teaching 

  • Married with 3-Adult children​

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